Business continuity focuses on a company’s ability to remain in operation or recover to an operational state, during or following a disaster. Business continuity plans are comprehensive, consider all essential functions of a business, and can provide solutions to long-term challenges such as supply chain breakdowns or employee illness that the potential to disrupt business operations.

Data loss can be an inconvenience for some businesses, for others it can be disastrous, leading to a complete disruption of both service and reputation. Whether it is caused by a failure of hardware, a security breach or simply by human error the ensuing data loss can be enough to put some organizations out of business forever. For this reason, it is crucial for all businesses to have a secure and easily recovered backup.

Arrow Technology Solutions Protects Your Business

Our organization of professionals is here to offer the best solutions, helping you to get up and running both quickly and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Backup and recovery service include:

Data Loss, Business Interruption Can Cost You Thousands & Put You Out of Business in a Matter of Hours.

Whether it’s caused by a power failure in your building or a ransomware virus locking you out of your system, the result is the same: your business is compromised.
The estimated average cost* of an hour of downtime is $8,000 for small businesses, $74,000 for mid-sized companies and $700,000 for large businesses. It’s the cost of not looking ahead.
At Arrow Technology Solutions, we’re committed to keeping you up and running. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of disaster recovery services that protect your data from today’s most dangerous and pervasive threats.

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